Do the Right Thing



                        Ethical Leadership Training

This program was initially developed for a organization in the Northwest part of the United States.   It was presented to a couple hundred attendees during a two week period in four different counties. 

This program can be presented at your organizationand is a very valuable program . 


    This program has several PowerPoint's associated with it:

Ethical Concerns

Effective Communications

Ethics - Principle Centered Leadership

Common Sense Leadership

Team Building

The Honor Code

The program will address the following questions:

What is a code of ethics?

What are the core compentencies in comminicating?

How do you make ethical decisions?

What is ethical leadership?

What makes a successful team?

What is a person of good character?

Additional Information Presented at this program:

Code of Ethics

Organizational Statements

The Five Principles of Public Service Ethics

Core Competencies - Communications

Making Ethical Decisions

The Six Pillars of Character

Fourty-Nine Character Qualities

Seven Leadership Perspectives