Extraordinary Love



Extraordinary Love - Table of Contents



In the Beginning

    A Story about the Fall



    Getting Closer to God

    Maintain an Eternal Perspective

    Moral Law

        What Is a Christian Moral Life?

    Closer to God: A Meditation

    Our Model is Jesus


Understanding Ourselves

    Accept Ourselves as We Are


    Good Can Be Bad

    Seven Things the Lord Hates: A Compaison of

        Two Versions of the Bible

    Be at Peace

    Become Like Children

    Daily Living


    Holy Virtues

    About Faith

    Faith in God



    Prioritizing Your Life

    Being Balanced Is Important

    Seeking the Light

    Loving One Another

    True Vision

    The Mind of Christ

    Commentaries on the Light

    Gifts from God

    Ten Gifts from God

    God's Will

    Why Read the Bible?


Love and Happiness

    Your Heart

    God is Love: Self-Renunciation


    Based on I Corinthians 13, What Is Love?

    What Is Love All About?

    Mutual Love

    Expressing Love


    You Can Project Love


    Love and Happiness

    Seeking Happiness

    Forgiveness is the Key to Happiness

        The Unforgiving Mind

        A Change of Mind

        The Forgiveness Exercise


The Journey Continues

    Jesus Christ: The Ultimate Paradox

    Purifying the Soul

    Response to God

    The Art of Loving God: Saint Francis de Sales

        God's Mercy

        Embrace God's Will

        Practice Humility




    The Will of God

    Thy Will Be Done! Saint Francis de Sales


Starting to Get It!

    A Change of Mind

    Being Courteious

    Fill Your Minds With ...

    Loving Relationships

    Love of Neighbor

    Who Is My Neighbor?

    Mutual Love

    Cultivating Community







    Spiritual Humility

    The Virtues


The Final Steps

    Climbing the Mountain to God: The Five Levels

        of Conversion

        Level One-Acknowledge God

        Level Two-Begin to Know God 

        Level Three-Receive God

        Level Four-Seeking Holiness

        Level Five-Transformationn

    Fruits of the Spirit

    The Rule of St. Benedict

    The Way: Inspirations, Affirmations, and Meditations

        of The Way 

    Spiritual Exercise #1: An Examination of the Soul-

        St. Francis de Sales

    Spiritual Exercise #2: A Calling to God's Service-

       St. Francis de Sales

    Rules for the New Life

    A New Self

    Simplicity of Soul

    Final Thoughts on Our Journey