"Be His Light"

Mother Teresa



                       In the Light Leadership Training

The presenter, Al Mozingo is a Certified Leadership Instructor.  He is the author of "The Leadership Corner" in several magazines, published for more than ten years in Fire Service Journals.  He is a vetran Firefighter retiring with 30 years of experience, working as a Fire Captain and a Battalion Chief, after retirement has been actively involved teaching within the Homeland Security arena.

As a leader in the Church Mr. Mozingo is the Director of Christian Initation, he has also been a member of the Parish Council for several years with Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Church in Winchester, California.

Below is an outline of some of the material presented - it will be highly interactive, informative, and benefical.

What is leadership?


What are the traits of a good leader?


What are the functions of a leader?


What is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?


What is Theory "x" and Theory "y"?


What are leadership styles


What is a situational leadership style?


What is effective communications?


What is the greates leadership principle of all?


Mr. Mozingo has presented leadership programs to churches, secular organizations, fire departments, colleges, and as an independent contractor.