Getting to Agape



                          Publishing My Book


Researched, Studied, Wrote and Prepared

The Book for Approximately 20 Years



Started Formatting and Preparing

Early on in 2010



September 2010

Started Book Submissions



April 2011

Book Submission for Publishing




May 2011

File Sent to the Production Department



May 2011

Re-Submitted My Manuscript

According to Production Guildlines



July 2011

Conceptual Editing Process



August 2011

Copyediting Process



August 2011

Design Layout Process



October 2011

Conceptual Editing Continues

Editing of the Manuscript



December 2011

Multimedia Book Trailer

A TV Commerical Choosen



January 2012

Final Editing is Completed



January 2012

Cover Design

Three Different Designs Given




February 2012

Layout of the Book



March 2012

Book Proof Compeleted



March 2012

Marketing Representative Assigned



March 2012

Ready to Order from Tate Publishing:



Telephone Number: 405-256-6353




Toll Free Number: 1-888-361-9473






May 2012

Book Was Released to Book Store's

Conducted a Successful Book Signing

May 29, 2012