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I have had more than 200 book signings now!



The book signing at Berean Christian Book Store was very successful.
The Temecula Valley Museum Fall Bazaar - In Old Town, Temecula, CA
Los Angeles Regional Congress' were very successful: 
San Pedro Regional Congress
Santa Barbara Regional Congress
More on the way ...



About the Author


Al Mozingo is a parishioner with Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, Winchester, California.  He has presented more than 2,500 classes, seminars, workshops, conferences, and retreats throughout the United States.  He has been extensively involved with the Church; Director of Christian Initiation, Bible Study Leader, Lector, a Parish Council Member, and more. 


Al Mozingo has been widely published with more than 350 articles and a few books.


Mr. Mozingo has published a couple of small books on love entitled:


A Little Book About Love


 Love One Another


He has signed a book contract with a major publisher:



Lessons on Love



Second Edition

Getting to Agape


This book is full of insight, meditations, inspirtion, affirmations, and

devotions on love.



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